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About Us

Built on a reputation of recognizing the value and importance of a partnership with the client, Byrnes considers our greatest asset to be our collection of professional experts and dedication to quality control and compliance in every respect.

In 1907 the Port of San Francisco was the busiest port on the West Coast of the United States; the city was still rebuilding from its famous quake and fire.

This period of rebirth would also witness the formation of a new firm, W.J. Byrnes & Co., named after its founder William John Byrnes. The company's first phone number was Garfield One 2068, and it still is, over one hundred years later.

While much has changed since 1907, our company's pioneering spirit and sense of partnership with clients and government agencies that regulate international trade have endured. Byrnes has a history, tradition and policy of working with government's development of new programs since "business as usual" for importers and exporters has evolved in response to many factors.

Product safety and security, along with environmental concerns have become a major concern domestically and globally. These changes have increased the importance and necessity for ongoing training of our staff and clients to stay current and compliant.

Equally important is the ability of our staff to understand the unique characteristics of the commodities or industries we are dealing with. These variables are critical to proper communication with you, and the review of your documentation and compliance with endless and constantly changing governmental regulations.

In today's environment, we recognize that you cannot be treated like generic entities but must receive the individual and personalized attention unique to your requirements. Byrnes is proud of our history of tailoring our services to match your needs. We listen and we make a difference for you.