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CEO Message

As you may have read in our online news vehicle, TradeInFocus®, Byrnes continues to grow and to innovate. I thought it time to recap a bit of our growth and innovation story. But, first, allow me to thank our loyal clients, supportive partners, and extraordinary employees - all of which are key sources for much of Byrnes’ growth and resolve for continuous improvement. So to begin.

First: In October 2013, IATA – International Air Transport Association – Geneva invited Byrnes to help lead the way to more paperless transactions by signing the IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement. We did! What this means for the global trading industry and for our clients in particular is that we can offer the newest technology to assure the safe and compliant movement of their goods around the world, enabling them and their customers to partake in the latest AEO and Mutual Recognition initiatives. Another step forward in the secure e-Document world.

We view these business initiatives as seminal to our mission to be “pioneers” – those who lead or ease the way” toward a new path. Look for our recommendations that quantify benefits. Or, call us for more details.

Second: We added business and informational resources to meet more of your end-to-end trade needs. Many of you already know our Director of Business Development, Jon Gianini. Growing up in the Central Valley Jon has first hand knowledge about the reputation of Agriculture in general, olives, nuts and wine. His knowledge of the Port of Stockton and the M-580 Barge project enables him to advise clients on the many benefits of this unique alternative. Well aware of China’s growing desire for California products, Jon participated in the Shanghai Food show.

More, we added a new, experienced Business Development Manager to enlarge our presence in the Mid-West and East – Justin Andrews. Justin is located in Denver but – like Jon – serves clients all across the US. His internal drive is to secure success by placing no limitation on learning and continually applying his knowledge and skills. While his focus is bringing new business growth to Byrnes, he does not want to lose touch with the operational nerve that makes Byrnes deliver a superior service. For the past 10 years Justin has been involved in all aspects of the transportation chain from sales, warehouse, operations and management.

To support the new business development, we have added a Byrnes Logistics Manager – Dax Camarao. His drive and experience will re-invigorate both BYrnesAIR, to spearhead the e-AWB program mentioned above, and Container Services (CSVL). As such we act as an NVOCC - an ocean carrier which doesn’t own / operate vessels; instead, we contract to move cargo on a variety of carriers that do own and operate vessels. You benefit as the shipper because you can have greater document controls and greater flexibility over the movement of your cargo, providing improved logistics services, tailored to your needs.

Third: Allow me to offer a brief tease here. We are excited to have been implementing a new logistics system and technology across the Byrnes network. The changes will be obvious from the inside out – from a new look to dramatic new capabilities. The new technology will automatically generate emails to clients and staff to provide key updates based on “trigger mechanisms” we can create unique to the client. All this new activity is meant to serve client needs for improved information, consultation, compliance and best practices for State-of-the-Art Service..

Fourth: Byrnes hasn’t neglected trade industry advocacy and global reach - another key part of our mission which makes us significantly different from other logistics providers. Byrnes’ clients can hear about trends /changes earlier and more completely. AND, as always, I invite your direct comments as another way your voice, your interests can be heard more immediately. Here’s a brief list of my and Byrnes’ most recent advocacy activities:

1. In 2012 APEC addressed a need to secure robust collaboration between Customs administrations and the private sector, and authorized formation of the Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP). In February 2013 I was nominated to serve on the APEC / SCCP. I accepted the nomination and challenge to weigh the possibilities to facilitate while removing restrictions or obstacles in our economy and within APEC.

2. I was invited by the General Administration of Customs People’s Republic of China (GACC) Multilateral Affairs Division, Department of International Cooperation for a private meeting in Beijing, which was with Hao WU (left in photo), Customs Superintendent & Manager (WCO, APEC & multilateral affairs and Chu WANG (right in photo) Office of Logistic Support..

In sum, we’ve been busy. Byrnes’ commitment to pioneering, participation, and leadership continue in its 106 year-old-founding traditions. We’re here to help – just let us know what you require.

— John Leitner