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  • 1907: William John Byrnes formed a sole proprietorship named "W.J. Byrnes & Co."
  • 1917: Byrnes is incorporated in the State of California.
  • 1923: Mrs. Alva Eisfeldt is named President by Mr. W.J. Byrnes, becoming the company's first woman president, just 3 years after women were granted the right to vote.
  • 1928: With new legislation providing for licensing of "customhouse brokers," W.J. Byrnes & Co. is issued license number 60 by the Bureau of Customs, U.S. Dept. of the Treasury.
  • 1947: The International Air Transport Association is created to regulate air transit of passengers and cargo. W.J. Byrnes & Co. is issued IATA certification number 151.
  • 1963: W.J. Byrnes & Co. is issued license 635 by the Federal Maritime Commission following passage of new regulation on forwarding goods by water from the United States.
  • 1973: John A. Leitner, President and CEO acquired W.J. Byrnes & Co.
  • 1978: CEO John Leitner appointed to the Export Council by the United States Secretary of Commerce, with consecutive reappointment through the year 2000.
  • 1980: Recognizing the new growth of the Sun Belt, we opened the Phoenix, Arizona branch, the first expansion since WW II. Other openings followed in Denver, Colorado; Tucson, Arizona; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Portland, Oregon.
  • 1981: Byrnes is awarded the prestigious "E" award for excellence in export service by the President of the United States, along with a special commendation by the State of California in recognition of the company's industry leadership, commitment to quality and service to the international trade community.
  • 1983: Approved for direct computer linkage with U.S. Customs Service, Byrnes ushered in a new era of electronic interfacing with Government and industry.
  • 1998: We establish direct computer linkage with US Customs and the Census Bureau for the Automated Export System (AES) to expedite processing clients' exports.
  • 1999: We qualify for Remote Location Filing (RLF), enabling us to file import entries at virtually any port of entry in the United States, employing the leading-edge technologies available.

    2007 Centennial party.

  • 2000: Byrnes is among the first to be approved for a National Permit from US Customs, expanding the services and capabilities we can offer clients.
  • 2005: We open a new office in New York City with full air and ocean, import and export capabilities; the office helps support our clients and our European agency network, providing our high level of commitment and experience and extending our Company reach.
  • 2007: Byrnes celebrates 100 year anniversary with staff, agents, partners, clients, suppliers.
  • 2008: Strengthening our East Coast and European Union (EU) focus and presence, Byrnes opens an office in Boston, Massachusetts with full air and ocean, import and export capabilities. The staff, local and very familiar with the New England market, provides high quality and personalized service to our clients.