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Company Profile

Our difference from others in the Customs Brokerage / Freight Forwarding industry is also our greatest asset: our involvement, employees and staff. We are a selective collection of professionals and experts, dedicated to superior client service. We illustrate our tailored superior service as a member of the Janel Group through:

  • Focus on clients' requirements without compromising compliance accuracy
  • High-touch, personalized client service with 24/7 availability
  • Depth, breadth and currency of our trade expertise and knowledge
  • Exceptional Staff longevity with professional experience
  • Remarkable Clients: our top 70% have been clients more than 30 years
  • Our regular communications via TradeinFocus® on our web site
  • New state-of-the-art trade management technology and software
  • Our involvement with the APEC sub-committee on Customs Procedures

Our hand-picked global network makes a difference

Diversification and balance are highly valued at Byrnes. Shipments we handle range from the rare and exotic to routine and commonplace, from AZircon, imported and exported by clients from Air Canada to Zonge International.

Let Byrnes assist your trade compliance and logistics needs

Byrnes' Focus: our staff are organized into commodity teams of expertise to provide the best tailored service; our teams speak your business language and can advise you on detailed requirements to assist your regulatory compliance.

We eliminate your worry about the proper way to handle your goods and shipment expectations. We understand your requirements and anticipate optimal solutions.

Our commodity activity is carefully managed to be diversified and balanced:

  • 42% Alcohol Beverage, Bio-Med, Agriculture and Food
  • 20% Aircraft, Aerospace, and Transport Equipment
  • 15% Apparel, Textiles, and Footwear
  • 10% Renewable Energy and Specialized Instrumentation
  • 9% Furniture, Store Fixturing, articles of plant or wood

Our industry commodity expertise is tailored to be part of your team.