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New Client Welcome

Planning to be a new Byrnes client? Please complete and send our New Client Profile and the forms appropriate to your industry and volume of business. These forms are required for all potential new clients. Select, complete and send the other forms according to your industry and your needs. Contact us directly if you have questions.

Required Forms

  • NCP – basic New Client Profile. Complete fully and accurately; these data will be submitted to government agencies. The information provides us with the basic instructions on how to handle your business.
  • Customs Power of Attorney (POA) – The United States Government requires a valid Power of Attorney restricted to Customs and Export transactions prior to our conducting any business on your behalf.

Industry and Additional Business Forms

  • ACH – US Customs requires the payment of duties and fees. This is normally handled by the Automated Clearing House for Customs. If you are a large volume importer, please contact us about the benefits and risks of using the Periodic Monthly Statement (PMS) program to pay only once a month.
  • NCBFAA Industry Terms & Conditions – standardized trading conditions regulating our industry as established by the National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America.

By blending innovative technology with existing resources we can improve service, sustain client relationships and help control costs and maintain profitability in an intelligent manner. Our network of staff, agents and other providers work to ensure that nothing is overlooked and there are no missing pieces to cause problems or unexpected costs after the fact.

We welcome you to Byrnes and look forward to a long and successful relationship.