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CLIENT PROFILE of the Importing & Export Entity:
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Both CBP and TSA require a credit search. If you're an individual, initial here to approve.
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Do you have a Continuous Bond with Customs? Yes No

If NO we will tender a Single Transaction Bond for each import transaction.

If NO do you want us to apply for a Continuous Bond with Customs? Yes No
Number of imports per Week Month Year
Are you C-TPAT certified? Yes No
HTS or Binding Ruling numbers:
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Type of Goods:
Import FROM:
EXPORT, AES & TSA Air Security DATA:
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Air Export Certification: (if applicable please sign or initial at the completion of this certification that you have read and so certify)

"I certify that I am aware of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations and TSA Security rules, and that the cargo I will be shipping will not contain any undeclared or unauthorized explosives, incendiaries, or hazardous materials. I consent to a search and/or screening of my cargo. I acknowledge this endorsement and original signature, along with other shipping documents, will be retained on file and made available to the TSA, DHS and/or FBI."

Signature or Initials:
Are your shipments covered by door-to-door Cargo insurance? Yes No
If NO refer to #7 on the terms and conditions of service; do you wish to insure under our blanket policy? Yes No
Do you have a preferred trucker or carrier? Yes No
If YES, identify:
  If NO specific trucker named you hereby authorize us to select a truckman, without liability, as an independent contractor.
Should the shipment be Prepaid Collect
  Please note that comments, classification or other opinions offered by our staff during the routine processing of shipments will be based on whatever information is available to them at that time. These comments, classifications or other opinions are not binding and require verification for compliance to avoid potential liability with US Customs. Adequate review, required under the "Reasonable Care" guidelines has not been undertaken and needs to be performed separate from the time of routine import or export transactions. Please contact our Compliance office by e-mail: compliance@byrnesglobal.com for details or to schedule required processing.

Your signature, in ink on a paper form or by electronic submission either by email or online, acknowledges that you have read the above, applicable additional questions, and the "Terms & Conditions of Service", established by the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA), available on this website, by email, or by mail upon request.

Name printed:

Please email to ncp@byrnesglobal.com a legible copy of the signer's driver's license or other photo ID or mail a printed copy bearing a signature that is obviously original.

Capacity or Title:
Date (mmddyyyy):
Which office should receive this New Client Profile? I don't know BOS DEN MKE NYC PHX PDX SFO TUS

Additional Questions

1. Is there a relationship between you, the importer, and exporter, either by ownership interest (capital investment) or blood? Yes No
2. Is a buying commission paid to a foreign or domestic buying agent? Yes No
3. Are any payments made or incurred by you, the importer, in the U.S. or abroad, for engineering, molds, tools, designs, research and development, raw materials, or components utilized in the manufacture of the imported merchandise? Yes No
4. Does the imported merchandise bear a copyright, trademark or trade name, whether owned by you, the importer or others? Yes No
5. Are any royalty payments made in the U.S. or abroad in connection with trademarks, trade names, or patents related to the imported merchandise? Yes No
6. Are there any post-importation installation charges included in the invoice price? Yes No
7. Are there any other payments or discounts, other than those specified above, related to the imported merchandise, that are not included in the invoice presented to Customs? Yes No
8. Is merchandise purchased on any basis other than ex-factory prices? Yes No
9. Are there financing arrangements relating to the merchandise, other than payment by letter of credit? Yes No
10. Do you pay financing charges to the exporter in connection with the shipment? Yes No
11. Is more than one country involved in the production of the imported merchandise? Yes No
12. Is the marking of the country of origin on the imported merchandise obscure, confusing or temporary? Yes No
13. Are you importing goods that could be entitled to entry under the Generalized System of Preferences, Israeli Trade Agreement, Caribbean Basin Initiative, or African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)? Yes No
14. Are imported products received that are found to be defective or not up to specifications? Yes No
15. Is the price of merchandise ever reduced after importation with the rebate credited against the price of future shipments? Yes No
16. Does the exporter receive any portion of the post-importation sales proceeds? Yes No
17. Have you applied for or obtained any binding classification rulings from the US Customs Service? Yes No
18. Are imported products exported, either in the same condition or after incorporated into other articles? Yes No
19. Are domestically manufactured items shipped abroad and subsequently re-imported into the US as a part of the imported product? Yes No
20. Do you consider the quantity, value, or exporter's name to be confidential? Yes No
21. Is there any countervailing or anti-dumping duty investigations underway which may affect any of the imported products or suppliers? Yes No
22. Are your suppliers currently participants in the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program? Yes No
23. Are you aware and ready to comply with the Importer Security Filing rule? Effective 26th January 2009. Yes No
24. If you need a Customs Bond for Single Entry. Continuous or ISF purposes. Do any of the following conditions apply?
– Currently on Sanction?
– Filed Bankruptcy?
– Pending Bond Claims?
– Prior Fraud or Negligence?
– Paid Bond Claims?
Yes No

Additional Questions for Importation of Wine

Would you like to see the optional questions for importation of wine? Yes No

Additional Questions for Textiles and Apparel

Would you like to see the optional questions for importation of textiles and apparel? Yes No