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Byrnes Shipper's Letter of Instruction

1. SHIPPER: (Exporter of Record, U.S. Principal Party of Interest, USPPI, Complete name and address)
2. SHIP TO: (Complete Consignee Name and Address)
2a. SHIP TO contact: Contact name
2b. SHIP TO contact: Telephone number
2c. SHIP TO contact: Facsimile Number
2d. SHIP TO contact: E-mail address
3. PARTIES TO TRANSACTION (Related or not): Related Not related
4. ADDITIONAL CONTACT INFORMATION: (Notify party, Customs Broker, Freight Forwarder, The Party to whom the Pre-Alert is sent, complete name and address)
4a. ADDITIONAL CONTACT: Contact name
4b. ADDITIONAL CONTACT: Telephone number
4c. ADDITIONAL CONTACT: Facsimile Number
4d. ADDITIONAL CONTACT: E-mail address
5. END USER: (Ultimate Consignee, End User for Commerce or Licensing Purposes, Complete name and address)
6. Who should pay the freight charges? The Shipper The Consignee Other
7. What Mode of transportation would you like the cargo shipped? Air Freight Ocean Freight Truck Freight
7a. What service level do you need (for air shipments only)? General Cargo Priority Cargo Specify date needed
8. Would you like us to insure your goods? If yes, please specify value $ No

(If yes is checked and no value is specified, we will insure the cargo for the invoice value plus freight charges plus 10%)

9. Declared Value For The Carrier: (In the case that you carry your own insurance, does your insurance carrier require that you declare a value to the transporting carrier?) No If yes, please specify value $
11. INCOTERMS (If known)
12. Total number of Packages:
13. Type of Package (i.e. Crate, Box, Pallet, etc.)
14. Dimensions of Packages:
15. Total Weight in pounds (Lbs.):
16. Description of Goods:
Special Wood Packaging Requirements Are In Effect For Most Countries In The World. You May Wish To Verify Requirements At The Following Web Site: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/import_export/plants/plant_exports/wpm/
17. Are your wood packages marked using ISPM markings? Yes No N/A
18. Is there a Letter of Credit involved in this transaction? Yes No
19. Documents Enclosed:
20. Special Instructions or Equipment Required:
21. CARGO PICK-UP LOCATION: (Complete name and address)
21a. PICK-UP LOCATION: Contact name
21b. PICK-UP LOCATION: Telephone
21c. PICK-UP LOCATION: Facsimile
21d. PICK-UP LOCATION: E-mail address
22. Domestic (D), Foreign (F), or Foreign Military Sales (M) 23. Schedule B Number 24. Quantity - Schedule B Units 25. Weight - By Schedule B in Kgs. 26. VIN, Product Number, Vehicle Title Number (for motor vehicles only) 27. Value in USD, (Selling price or cost if not sold 28. Validated License No. or General License Symbol 29. ECCN (when required)

I certify that all statements made and all information contained herein are true and correct. I understand that civil and criminal penalties, including forfeiture and sale, may be imposed for making false or fraudulent statements herein, failing to provide the requested information or for violation of U.S. laws on exportation (13 U.S.C. Sec. 305; 22 U.S. C. Sec. 401; 18 U.S. C. Sec. 1001; 50 U.S.C. App. 2401).

The USPPI authorizes the forwarder named above to act as forwarding agent for export control and customs purposes.

I certify that I am aware of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security rules which require that this cargo be screened. I consent to the screening of my cargo and duly note that cargo may also be inspected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection prior to export.

Confidential - For use solely for official purposes authorized by the Secretary of Commerce (13 U.S.C. 301 bill).

30. Duly authorized officer or employee name:
30a. Authorized Party title:
30b. Authorized Party telephone number:
30c. Authorized Party facsimile number:
30d. Authorized Party E-mail address:
31. Date:
Which office should receive this S.L.I.? I don't know BOS DEN MKE NYC PHX PDX SFO TUS

NOTE: The shipper or his agent hereby authorizes the above named Company, in his name and on his behalf, to prepare any export document, to sign and accept any documents relating to said Shipment and forward this shipment in accordance with the conditions of carriage and the tariffs of the carriers employed. The shipper guarantees payment of all collect charges in the event the consignee refuses payment. Hereunder the sole responsibility of the Company is to use reasonable care in the selection of carriers, forwarders, agents and others to whom it may entrust the shipment. V: 04.01.2010