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Over our many years of serving clients and working with governmental agencies and key global partners, Byrnes has acquired broad and deep expertise in several industries segments and commodities.

This means that we know the workings and needs of these industries intimately; and we put that knowledge and experience to work for you with our commodity focus.

Our commodity teams match your distinct logistics needs with our experience, making us an integral part of your business process – we can speak your language.

In recent months, US Customs has taken a strong position on risk-managing by commodities in order to gain broad and deep understanding of them. Customs has identified seven Priority Trade Issues (PTI.) Two of the priorities are commodities.

Byrnes has been commodity-focused for years! Will PTI touch your business? When you need to know the current regulations or rules on your industry, check with Byrnes first.

With our strong commodity focus, Byrnes can assist your distinct trade compliance and logistics needs – we start with a compliance consultation. Some customs brokers or freight forwarders offer you a check-off list. Byrnes provides consultation. It's a Byrnes difference.

And what difference does compliance consultation make? Well, compliance is not only mandatory, it's the difference between moving goods quickly and not moving them at all. A global transaction can go from compliant and profitable to out of compliance and disastrous! Byrnes' commodity expertise is compliance so you can operate with confidence.

Agriculture and Food

Aircraft and Aerospace

Alcohol Beverages

Apparel, Textiles, and Footwear


Energy, Specialized Instrumentation

Works of Art