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Alcohol Beverages

The Alcohol Beverages commodity group is divided into three general classes: beers, wines and spirits. In addition to regulation by Customs (CBP), these goods are also regulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). There are special Permits that are required as well as separate regulations for the Importation or Exportation of Alcohol Beverages. There are requirements for label approvals (COLAs) and other regulations.

Along with product safety and security, environmental and sustainability issues abound for beverages and food commodities. The number of agencies – US and non-US – involved with managing and regulating these commodities can be mind-bending. Our team focuses on demystifying compliance.

FDA considers Alcohol Beverages to be food and requires the importer to have a Product Code prior to allowing entry into the US. The Product Code Builder Application will guide you through an easy, user friendly selection process. It will assist you to locate and build a product code. By building upon the code portions you select, the application will provide you with valid choices for each of the five components of the product code (Industry, Class, Subclass, PIC, and Product). You can complete the Application online by clicking on Product Code Builder. Then, submit the application to your Byrnes contact for a suitability review. Alternatively, Byrnes can complete the application on your behalf for an additional charge that is based on the complexity of your products

If this is your commodity, employ our laser-like focus to ready yourself for the varied visits, audits and examinations that CBP, TTB, FDA, and other related agencies will request. Protect your inventory and your bottom line from delays, non-compliance penalties or fines. We understand the need to prevent the distribution or redistribution of contaminated or uncertified beverages and foods. And we actively embrace solutions that help to reduce carbon emissions in logistics arrangements.

The Byrnes Alcohol Beverage team actively enjoys the challenges this segment brings; the team has been in place for more than 25 years so very little rattles them when dealing with this key industry segment. We stand ready to provide customized reports, electronic linkage and other special services your business may require.