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BioMed commodities include biological and medical devices, products, supplies and equipment; they are scrutinized and regulated by Customs (CBP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). Required import and export documentation must be very precise and with highly accurate item descriptions.

With issues and concerns similar to those of Alcohol Beverage and Food commodities, the Byrnes BioMed team focuses its logistics solutions on product safety and security; similarly, the number of agencies – US and non-US – involved with managing and regulating these commodities is fragmented and complex.

Byrnes works in service partnership with some of the leading bio-tech and bio-medical companies; our knowledge sources and knowledge gains come from our practical working experience with these companies. Our headquarters and regional offices sit in close proximity to the homes of many biomedical centers and we are a natural choice to custom tailor your biotech or bio-medical logistics needs.

For your biomedical goods, the Byrnes commodity team is extra sensitive to issues such as temperature-controlled delivery requirements, and the high value placed on 100% successful entry processes, and the mandated security and documentation that distinguish your shipments.

If this is indicative of your commodity, talk with us about our Account Management model deployed to ensure individualized care and service consistency for your singular operations. Talk with us about our 100% compliance record that benefits your highly valued shipments.

FDA considers biological and medical devices, products, supplies and equipment to be part of their oversight. FDA requires the importer to have a Product Code prior to allowing entry into the US. The Product Code Builder Application will guide you through an easy, user friendly selection process. It will assist you to locate and build a product code. By building upon the code portions you select, the application will provide you with valid choices for each of the five components of the product code (Industry, Class, Subclass, PIC, and Product). You can complete the Application online by clicking on Product Code Builder. Then, submit the application to your Byrnes contact for a suitability review. Alternatively, Byrnes can complete the application on your behalf for an additional charge that is based on the complexity of your products.