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Energy, Specialized Instrumentation

Commodities in this group include "green" energy: solar, wind, marine energy and hydroelectricity; the group also covers electronic measurement, analytics and sensor products, manufactured and precision components, and the specialized metals they use. Careful classification in advance is critical to avoid reclassification by CBP after release or to prevent fines, penalties or even seizure on export. You may need approval from the destination country prior to shipment. Licensing can also be a requirement.

Byrnes' solution-based commodity team focused on electronics and instruments is a highly skilled group who also understand short lead times for receipt and delivery of high value goods that companies in your industry face.

This means that we have learned to operate in the same environment of urgency under which your company operates. Our headquarters and regional offices sit in close proximity to the homes of many electronics and instrumentation companies. Byrnes is a natural choice to tailor your logistics needs.

In your highly competitive industry, precision and timeliness of receipt and delivery are critical to your marketing and to your balance sheet.

You rely on automated processes to build and manufacture electronics and instruments; we rely on automated processes to clear and move your goods.

You provide devices used for safety, productivity and reliability and Byrnes operates along the same lines using our 100% compliance record as the basis for our efficiency, surety and reliability standards.

Our discipline and assessments for you include:

  • Evaluation of your current processes and risks
  • Advice on classifications, tariffs, certificates of origin
  • Checks for licenses or special licenses
  • Import or export certificates
  • Pre- and post entry audit advice and supports