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W.J. Byrnes & Co. is proud to announce that it has joined Janel Group, a New York based global provider of integrated logistics solutions with offices throughout the United States. In addition to expanding Janel's footprint with complimentary offices, Byrnes brings the Janel team new industry competencies and veteran leadership. Customers and partners on both sides will benefit from the combined company's capacities in the short-term, and will find long-term value in its association with a strong and growing logistics partner.

Byrnes was founded in 1907 as a "pioneer" and has maintained that spirit, drive and involvement in making a difference to the international trade market. Our Mission has been to provide superior service to our customers and to make a positive contribution to the trade. As a US Delegate to APEC, I have helped Byrnes customers understand and stay ahead of developments in the industry, and I look forward to making an even greater impact going forward. We, at Byrnes, are excited to join with Janel, whose people, like ours, understand that a personal connection with customers, providers, agencies both private and government makes all the difference.

The Byrnes and Janel teams will collaborate closely on the next chapter of growth. In addition to cultural synergies, the companies will leverage a common operations platform, IT systems and a customer-facing web portal to make global trade smoother, faster, safer, more productive and profitable. Company-wide management, administrative support and world-class industry advisors will bolster an expanded set of product offerings and ensure that our customers continue to receive best-in-class service and long-term value from the company's logistics solutions.

W.J. Byrnes & Co. will continue to function as an independent business unit headquartered in San Francisco as since our founding in 1907. John A. Leitner will continue as President while joining Janel Group's team of senior advisors. The Byrnes team will be newly empowered to support its existing customers with expanded capacities and to engage new customers at every location it now will serve. This joining of expertise and proven heritage is building America's next, best-in-class global logistics services company. With offices in twelve US locations managed and staffed by industry veterans, and with an equally experienced network of overseas partners, we will offer a global service focused on the happiness and success of our customers.

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