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Our Services

In order to operate in a diverse world of change, Byrnes has assembled a vibrant array of professionals. We customize our talent and abilities to complement your needs. You benefit from our compliance expertise and from our partnership with Customs and other government agencies.

By blending innovative technology with existing resources we can improve service, sustain client relationships and help control costs and maintain profitability in an intelligent manner. Our network of staff, agents and other providers work to ensure that nothing is overlooked and there are no missing pieces to cause problems or unexpected costs after the fact.

Industry Commodity Expertise

Our commodity teams are experts with specific industry experience who speak your industry language. This means the best service to you, your network and the relevant agencies involved. Some commodities require special treatment both in the physical handling as well as in the handling process with regulatory agencies to assure that required documentation, labeling, marking and description of the goods, including possibly all ingredients are in place.

Import — Customs Clearance

Your entry declaration to US Customs is subject to review, even after release of your cargo, with final liquidation as entered or as determined by Customs. Additional duties, fines or penalties can be issued. Importing goods without researching entry requirements in advance can become a very costly experience.

Export — Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding

Byrnes understands the effects of costs on your bottom line. We offer air and ocean freight forwarding with your option of consolidation, regular or express service. Your shipments may be small or perishable or fragile like fine art. We offer traditional freight forwarding and logistics services, with technological enhancements. At Byrnes, we design global logistics to your specifications.

International Trade Consulting

We offer consulting and training that is custom designed to meet your needs. We use our in-house experts and our wide range of professional partners from around the country and world depending on your subject and required depth of discussion. We maintain connectivity with industry leaders around the world so our staff knows who to turn to for your needs.

Supply Chain Order Management

The Order Management System is specifically designed for clients with regular traffic. It delivers up-to-date information per each individual order placed by you, the buyer. The system connects buyer, vendors and our logistics partners on one efficient platform. It allows a mutual exchange of information between the involved parties. Shipping booking form, vendor's orders and container loading information are available online.

All quotations are made pursuant to 46 C.F.R. §520.13 and §532. All terms and conditions of carriage are those as contained in Carrier's Rules Tariffs at www.byrnesglobal.com its bill of lading, and quotations. All origin and destination local charges apply for the account of the cargo.