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Container Services CSVL

Container Services is registered with the United States Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) as a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and operates under the registered Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) of CSVL, and is on file with the US Customs and Border Protection for full participation in their automated programs (ACE, AMS, CAFES, FAST, PAPS). In compliance with FMC regulations we publish our Rules Tariffs containing contractual terms and conditions governing shipments we handle. We offer negotiated rate arrangements (NRAs) with shippers having consistent traffic and ensure that the rates charged are as agreed to.

We are an ocean carrier that does not own or operate our own vessels but contracts to move cargo on the full variety of carriers that own and operate vessels. The advantage is that we issue our own CSVL Bill of Lading, which is backed up by actual on board bills of lading issued to us by the operating carrier. This allows you the shipper greater flexibility to control the movement of your cargo to provide the best logistics service tailored to your needs. We can track and report your shipments moving entirely within our network.

Our service extends beyond port to port services. Our bill of lading can cover a "door-to-door" movement of cargo utilizing several carriers or modes of transport, but all under a single bill of lading. Contact us to find out how we are leveraging our business with the carriers to provide you with the most competitive rates possible while providing the highest level of service.