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Export — Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding

Byrnes brings foreign markets to your desktop. A global trade transaction is not complete until the goods are received on time and in good order and condition. That includes no complications caused by improper paperwork or contributing circumstances.

Byrnes understands the effects of costs on your bottom line. We offer air and ocean freight forwarding with your option of consolidation, regular or express service. Your shipments may be small or perishable or fragile like fine art. We offer traditional freight forwarding and logistics services, with technological enhancements. At Byrnes, we design global logistics to your specifications.

We offer these supports and capabilities:

  • International Logistics. When shipping a product overseas, you, the exporter must be aware of packing, labeling, documentation, and insurance requirements. You may rely on Byrnes for help. As an international freight forwarder, we perform and excel at where these kind of services where there are a myriad considerations involved with physically exporting goods.
  • Freight Forwarding - ocean and air. Byrnes is an international freight forwarder, acting as your exporting agent in moving goods to an overseas destination, moving shipments from "dock-to-dock" or "door-to-door" and providing several significant services such as:
    • Advising on exporting costs including freight costs, port charges, consular fees, costs of special documentation, insurance costs and freight handling fees
    • Preparing and filing required export documentation such as the bill of lading and routing appropriate documents to the seller, the buyer or a paying bank
    • Advising on the most appropriate mode of transport and making arrangements to pack and load your shipments
    • Reserving the necessary shipping space on a vessel, aircraft, train, or truck
    • Making arrangements with overseas customs brokers to ensure that the goods and documents comply with overseas customs regulations
  • As export freight forwarders Byrnes is licensed by:
    • International Air Transport Association (IATA) to handle airfreight
    • Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to handle ocean freight.
  • As a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) we operate Container Services with the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) of CSAV. This is where we issue the Ocean Bill of Lading in order to be able to provide added services or preferential tariff rates.

We Know Exporting

The Harmonized System. All import and export codes used by the United States are based on the Harmonized System (HS). The HS assigns 6-digit codes for general categories. This 6-digit code is known as the Harmonized System number.

Countries that use the HS are allowed to define commodities at a more detailed level than 6-digits, however all definitions must be within that 6-digit framework. The U.S., for example, defines products using 10-digit codes in its Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).

Export codes, also known as Schedule B numbers, are administered by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Import codes are administered by the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC).

Three reasons to know your product's Schedule B and HS numbers:

  • To determine applicable import tariff rates and whether a product qualifies for a preferential tariff under a Free Trade Agreement
  • The Schedule B number is needed to complete the Shipper's Export Declaration, Certificates of Origin and other shipping documents
  • The HS Number may be needed on shipping documents, such as certificates of origin

Export Documents. Nine document categories are commonly used in exporting. Specific document requirements may vary by destination and product. Byrnes professionals provide fullest details and advice about all these forms and more. Below are general and brief descriptions of some of the key documents. Another resource for assistance with country-specific documentation requirements is the Trade Information Center at 1-800-USA-TRADE.

Other Export Related Services

  • Full Insurance service – Protect your financial interest with "all-risks" insurance coverage. The Warsaw Convention exempts the carrier from liability where the damage is caused by the act, neglect or default of the shipper, including improper packaging. There are special types of coverage available including: "Contingency", "Difference in Conditions", "Free of particular Average (FPA), or other non-standard conditions
  • Drawback Services help to recover Customs duties collected upon importation of an article or materials which are subsequently exported. Byrnes has the capabilities, strategies and resources needed for the complex processes involved with both Manufacturing and Unused Merchandise Drawback. We are thoroughly knowledgable in summary procedures for both Substitution and Direct Identification Drawback. We can plan, initiate and maintain a complete drawback program for you.
  • Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) require the search of "Forbidden Party" or "Denied Persons" lists; let us know if you would like us to run these searches for you to assist you in maintaining 100% compliance with US agencies.