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Supply Chain Order Management

The Order Management System (OMS) delivers up-to-date information for each order you (the buyer) place. It is specifically designed for clients with regular traffic and with moderate to high volumes of transactions.

Purchase order (PO) handling and processing can speed up and streamline your day-to-day functions and interactions with your internal and external network of contacts. The modular system connects buyer, vendors and our logistics partners on one efficient platform. It allows a mutual exchange of information between the involved parties. Shipping booking forms, vendors' orders and container loading information are available online.

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  • Full visibility of order details and status
  • Container contents and PO status by line item
  • Customizable PO information
  • Data exportable to Excel spreadsheet or pdf format


  • View, consolidate and book respective orders
  • Book the shipment up to line item level
  • Prepare packing list and load each line item separately or as established
  • E-booking tool completes the shipment preparation.

Basic Data Flow

  • Vendor receives PO via OMS and prepares loading list / packing list
  • Buyer uses OMS to view / monitor orders via OMS' inquiry, shipment status data, exceptions reports
  • Byrnes' partner at point of origin merges shipping information with PO information which may be transferred back to the Buyer's in-house system.

Other OMS features

  • Online Booking. Your Suppliers can make online bookings using the OMS Booking Module
  • Line Item Shipping Data. You can retrieve shipping data based on the line items instead of the PO, providing greater visibility about the actual container content with a wide variety of Search parameters
  • PO Fulfillment Tracking. You can track the status of a PO up to item/style and sub-item/size level
  • PO Item Container Tracking Report. You can track the PO and item content of a container

Event Notification

  • User-configurable. Obtain email alerts for selected events
  • Obtain event alerts by selected trading partner

Status Updates can include

  • PO readiness status (on time / delay / foreseen ship date)
  • Goods arrival at departure port; goods received for shipment; goods departure from origin


  • Status update and ship notice via EDI
  • Via online reporting module, obtain a number of preset reports on POs:
    • Open but not complete POs
    • Cancelled POs (automatically cancelled due to date expiration)
    • Exception report
    • PO shipped (with statistical data)

Benefits to you:

  • Improves collaboration through integration of involved parties
  • Mutual exchange of information in real time
  • Makes Vendor performance more transparent
  • Reduces overall supply chain cycle time
  • Increases accuracy and reduces error rates